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Manage your Eloquent models in Statamic

Love using Statamic to manage your content? Runway can help you do the same for your Eloquent models.

Edit models in the Control Panel

Runway lets you edit your Eloquent models from the Control Panel. Use your own blueprints for models, apply query scopes to the listing table & run custom actions.

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Relationship fieldtypes

Have multiple Video models that belong to a Course? Who'd have guessed you'd be able to manage them directly in the CP?

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If you want it, Runway can setup routing for your models so it feels all Statamic-y. Fields will be automagically augmented & you'll have the full power of Antlers.

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If you're running headless, Runway will also make your models available via Statamic's GraphQL endpoint.

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“With Runway I was able to quickly make a beautiful admin panel that administrators can use. If Runway didn't exist, it would have taken me a week or two to build something that wasn't quite as nice. Thanks for saving me days and days of work Duncan!”

Erin Dalzell
Erin Dalzell Certified Statamic Partner

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