Statamic comes with a read-only API that allows you to deliver content from Statamic to your frontend, external apps, SPA, or any other desired location. Content is delivered RESTfully as JSON data.

Runway includes support for Statamic's Content API, which enables you to access your Eloquent models.

If you prefer, Runway also supports GraphQL.

Enabling for resources

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to enable Statamic's REST API. You can do this by adding the following line to your .env file:


Alternatively, you can enable it for all environments in config/statamic/api.php:

'enabled' => true,

Next, you'll need to enable the resources you want to make available. To do this, simply add a runway key to your resources array in config/statamic/api.php, and provide the handles of the resources for which you wish to enable the API:

'resources' => [
'collections' => true,
// ...
'runway' => [
'product' => true,


Each resource will have two endpoints:

  • /api/runway/{resourceHandle} for retrieving models associated with a resource.
  • /api/runway/{resourceHandle}/{id} for retrieving a specific model.


To enable filtering for your resources, you'll need to opt in by defining a list of allowed_filters for each resource in your config/statamic/api.php configuration file:

'runway' => [
'product' => [
'allowed_filters' => ['name', 'slug'],

More Information

For more information on Statamic's REST API functionality, please refer to the Statamic Documentation.