As of Runway v3.0, you may now search Runway models using Statamic's search functionality. It's as simple as adjusting your config file.


// config/statamic/search.php
'myindex' => [
'driver' => 'local',
'searchables' => ['collection:blog', 'runway:order'],

You can scope the resources you'd like to be searchable, using the runway:{resourceHandle} syntax. If you'd like everything in Runway to be searchable, you can userunway:*.

Title field

By default, when displaying search results, Runway will use the first listable column as the 'title field'. If you'd like to change this, add the title_field option to your resource's config:

'resources' => [
\App\Models\Order::class => [
'name' => 'Orders',
'title_field' => 'name',

Further documentation...

For further documentation on integrating Search in your site, please review the Statamic Documentation.